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Come Experience What Freedom Is Like!

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AleeCo Place is a unique, Christ-centered safe space that focuses on empowering individuals on their journey to freedom. Using Biblical principles and tenets of Positive Psychology, AleeCo Place provides consultations, workshops, literature, and customized sessions to equip those seeking freedom from identity confusion, LGBTQIA+ lifestyles, trauma, addiction, and more.


AleeCo Place aims to provide products that will assist and empower individuals on their journey to freedom and celebrate them along the way. Check back frequently for new additions.


9:13 Tee

In today's society, the rainbow has become a symbol that is contrary to what God intended.  In Genesis 9:13, the Bible states that the rainbow shall be for a sign of the covenant between God and the earth. Rock this tee and make a declaration to the world that we are reclaiming God's covenant!


Freedom Tee

There's something about freedom that makes you want to share it with the world. This tee shows everyone you come in contact with what freedom looks like because they see it on you!

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The ABC's of Living Free Book

The ABC's of Living Free is a unique devotional that gives practical instruction based on each letter of the alphabet. Spanned over the course of 30 days, this book is filled with inspirational lessons and exercises to broaden the reader's thinking about the situations they face and empower them to live the life God intended for them to of complete and total freedom!
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Digging Up Roots Book

“Maybe you were born this way.” “You can’t help who you love.”  That’s what the world wanted Nicole to believe about her lesbian lifestyle. The church told her she was demon possessed, an abomination to God’s law, but what about the Christian women with whom she was intimate? She never felt that she chose to have certain feelings; she did, however, make the choice to stop fighting her urges.  In this book, Nicole offers a practical look at how she became entangled in homosexuality, and how she fought her way out with God’s help by digging up the roots and planting the seeds for a new life.


AleeCo Place offers a variety of services to groups, ministries, and individuals. All services are aimed at providing a Christ-centered approach to obtaining freedom and maintaining the life we are destined to live in Him.

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