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Personal Profile

Nicole Alexander Lee is an author, speaker, educator, consultant, and positive psychology practitioner. She founded AleeCo Place to point people to Jesus and to motivate, inspire, and equip them to overcome life’s difficulties and reach their fullest potential along the journey .  Nicole holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from Kennesaw State University, a master’s degree in Positive Psychology from Life University, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at Liberty University. 

What Is AleeCo Place?

There is a spiritual side and a natural side to the circumstances, situations, and difficulties we face. So often in churches, we only deal with the spiritual side, and yet in the secular arena, the spiritual side is neglected and only the natural side is addressed. AleeCO Place incorporates Biblical AND practical principles to address both the spiritual side and the natural side so that the whole person can heal, be healthy, and live in freedom. 

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